Is health insurance worth it?

Many consumers are struggling to afford health insurance while confusion and uncertainty about its value to Australia continue to grow. This raises the question:

Is health insurance worth it?

Issue 20 | April 2017

Twenty health leaders here explore the issues that cloud private insurance: its complexity and rising cost, gaps in coverage and impact on health system equity.

    Leanne Wells

Health insurance: a question of value

Private health insurance represents an increasingly disturbing paradox in Australia. While it now finances…

    Jeff Harmer

Seeking better value for consumers

Australia has a mixed public and private model of health care funding and service…

    Rebecca Randall

Low value, confusing and time consuming – findings from CHF’s 2017 Awareness campaign

Year on year CHF consistently hears about the confusion that PHI causes, the considerable…

    Richard Glenn

The Ombudsman’s guide to private cover

Australian consumers are faced with many choices when selecting a health insurance policy. With…

    Christine Walker

Private health insurance: a conundrum for people with chronic illnesses

Jason* is in his 40s and has multiple sclerosis. He has always had private…

    Lesley Brydon

Private health insurance: what’s in it for people with chronic conditions?

The rise in private health insurance premiums from 1 April will put more pressure…

    Ainslie Cahill

Private health insurance – is it delivering good value?

Private health insurance is an important pillar of Australia’s health system, but increasingly there…

    Matt Levey

How to counter the walled garden of health insurance

Private health insurance has become a perfect storm for Australian consumers. Premiums have increased…

    Janne McMahon

Health insurance and psychiatry – covered or not?

In these increasingly difficult financial times, more Australians with private health insurance are questioning…

    Susan McGrath

Older consumers and the private health insurance dilemma

Maintaining private health cover in later life, on a fixed income, can be a…

    David Butt

Private health insurance in rural and remote Australia

There are 1.3 million people living in outer regional and remote communities in Australia…

    Dr Rachel David

Change urgently needed to address inflation and inefficiencies

Australia’s mixed private – public health system is highly regarded by the Australian community….

    Matthew Koce

Driving better health outcomes and improved affordability: a consumer-empowered health system for the 21st Century

Australia has a unique health system that comprises a mix of public and private…

    Michael Roff

Does it have to be this way?

Few consumer products are as complicated and difficult for the purchaser to understand as…

    Lawrie Malisano

Surgeons seek less complexity, more transparency in health cover

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is aware of the increasing costs associated…

    Alison Verhoeven

Private patients in public hospitals: the story in detail

Private health insurance policies are complex and do not readily support comparisons, accurate assessments…

    Malcolm Hopwood

Affordability, access and equity: the issue of private health insurance

The complexity, cost and lack of transparency in the private health insurance industry is…

    Dr Hugo Sachs

Is your private health insurance worth it for dental care? Or is it Time2Switch?

Consumers are questioning the value of their private health insurance. I would like to…

    Lin Oke

The challenges of private health insurance for allied health in primary care

Australia spends considerable money on its health. In 2014-15, the Australian Government spent $66.2bn…

    John Menadue

The unfairness and waste of private health insurance

History is repeating itself. Medicare was created by the Whitlam Government because of the…

    Ian McAuley

Doing without private health insurance

Every year the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reports on competition and consumer issues…

    Terence Cheng

Policy downgrades – a closer look

Premiums for private health insurance are expected to increase by an industry average of…