Vision of youth for a healthier future

Vision of youth for a healthier future

Issue 23 | November 2018

In this issue of Health Voices, young people with lived experience reflect on the many challenges faced by youth when trying to navigate the health system – and how things could improve for those who follow.

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    Leanne Wells

Vision of youth for a healthier future

Despite the power and efficacy of modern health care, safeguarding the lives of young…

    Paige Burton

When words can be a medicine for pain

In 2017, as the Australian Youth Representative to the UN, I conducted the largest…

    Rebecca Langman

The value of a lived experience workforce

My journey of mental ill-health began slowly when I was an adolescent at high…

    Amy Mills

Valuing voices of young living with rare diseases

I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) when I was eight weeks old. The…

    Allan Ball

Making voice of youth count in health

The 132-seat hospital auditorium was full, it was standing room only as Jason our…

    Ash Polzin

If you care, listen

It’s a warm, bright Sunday and I have nothing to be sad about, but…

    Chido Mwaturura

Mental health in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse youth

Approximately a quarter of young Australians aged 16 – 24 have experienced mental health…

    Diya Mehta

Nothing about us without us: The research effort co-creating adolescent health in the digital age

I am, by nature, a worrier. I worry about small things, like whether I…

    Michael Wei

Engaging our youth in youth mental health

Being a young person in modern Australia is hard. The transition into adulthood is…

    Ara Cresswell

Young carers face more hurdles than most and need support

Australia’s young carers account for a substantial number of the 2.7 million unpaid carers…

    Leonie Sanderson

Consumer and carer participation in youth mental health

Over the past two years working with Health Consumers Queensland, I’ve been lucky enough…

    Dr Joann Fildes

Mental illness increases risk of youth homelessness

The road to adulthood can be a tumultuous journey, with a range of challenges…

    Mitch Edwards

Finding my Swing: Young baseball player tackles alcohol advertising in sport

Few people are able to live out their childhood dream as a professional sports…

    Dr Michelle Lim

Building mental resilience in students

With research showing that as many as one in four (26 percent) young people…

    Deborah Lupton

Young Australians’ use of digital health technologies

Digital technologies for health-related topics and practices such as websites, online discussion forums, social…