COVID and the plague of ideas

The pandemic is bad but it has also brought some good news for consumers and the health system

COVID and the plague of ideas

Issue 27 | Nov 2020

… forcing many of us to think afresh, not only to protect our own health but also to recognise the need and the potential for positive change in health and society

    Leanne Wells

COVID and the plague of ideas

“Lessons for consumers from COVID-19” was the theme we asked our contributors to write…

    Melissa Fox

Partnering with consumers during a pandemic

The voice of health consumers has been influential in shaping Queensland’s effective response to…

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

Staying in touch while keeping your distance

Among other things, I am a husband, father, son-in-law, friend, colleague and healthcare researcher….

    Joseph Ibrahim

Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for improving aged care in Australia

There are lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for improving residential aged care. Around the…

    Julian Elliott

Living guidelines in COVID-19 response: what they mean for the future of Australian healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has been characterised by great uncertainty. Even early in the pandemic…

    Susi Wise

Primary Health Networks supporting the COVID response across Australia

PHNs are local, independent organisations set up by the Australian Government to collaborate with…

    Laila Hallam

Patients belong in all places where health decisions are made

Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t set out to be a feminist ideologue.  She simply wanted…

    Jasmine Elliott

Learn from, not about young people

Dear anon, Don’t take this the wrong way, but I wish you didn’t come…

    James Smith

COVID-19 and equity: A mandate for investment in health promotion and prevention

The Australian public health community has long advocated for increased investment in health promotion…

    Penny Dakin

Better use of our power as consumers to change policy and outcomes for children and young people.

While the theme of this edition of Health Voices is “Lessons for consumers from…

    Dr Leanne Beagley

What will be our COVID keepers beyond the pandemic?

I was recently asked three seemingly simple questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and its…

    Dr Michelle Lim

The misconceptions of loneliness

Loneliness is increasingly recognised as an important issue of many developed countries but the…

    Emma Lonsdale

Learning from lived experiences of chronic disease during COVID-19

At the start of COVID-19, Ashley discovered she was pregnant. As a person living…

    Dr Julie Ayre and Prof Kirsten McCaffery

Inclusivity in pandemic communication: A health literacy lens

For most of us, coronavirus has meant living with uncertainty, anticipation, and change. By…

    Helen Skouteris

Covid-19 and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities: Lessons learned and recommendations for action

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted us all in some way and has contributed to…

    Nicole Millis

Protecting outcomes of Australians living with a rare disease

While there is a large variation among rare diseases, people living with a rare…

    Tim Shaw

How COVID is helping us adjust to a digital health world

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented uptake in telehealth across Australia in…

    Ravini Fernando

Leveraging Digital Health Transformation to Support Australians post-COVID19

I want you to imagine waking up tomorrow, and not being able to get…

    Susannah Morris

Taking the temperature of digital health in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic and responses to it have changed the way we live. Digital…

    John Bonning

System improvement opportunities in COVID-19 lessons

As emergency clinicians our focus is on ensuring our patients – consumers in our…

    Phillip Russo

Infection prevention: it’s everybody’s business

Often when hospital infection control and prevention experts are presenting or providing education, they…