Health consumers and workforce: are we engaged?

Big changes lie ahead for health care in Australia. Workforce roles are in flux while care gets more individually focused. This edition of Health Voices explores the question:

Health consumers and workforce – are we engaged?

Issue 19 | November 2016

Here Health Voices presents the views of 20 leaders, including Health Minister, Sussan Ley, on the issues which challenge and motivate our health workforce in delivering consumer-focused care.

    Leanne Wells

Health workforce: working for consumer-centred care

Putting the consumer first in health care is self-evident. It advances the long-held axiom…

    Rebecca Randall

Patient-centred care – a gulf between theory and practice?

The health sector, both in Australia and internationally is increasingly being pushed to do…

    Sussan Ley

Ensuring right health workforce in time of change

I had the honour of taking up the Health Ministry nearly two years ago….

    Catherine King

Patient-centred care and health workforce change

There are very few areas in health policy which are not interconnected – reform…

    Mike Woods

Reform of the Health Workforce: where at and where to now?

The efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness of Australia’s health workforce, in its ability to deliver…

    Ian Maddocks

Silo mentality bad for our patients

Specialisation in health care has led to fragmentation; we dismember and categorise health care…

    Stephen Duckett

Three challenges facing health workforce reform

Changing health needs, population growth, new technologies, a squeeze on funding and skills shortages…

    Sharon Lawn

Enabling health professionals to help patients self-manage their chronic conditions

In 1970, Elvis Presley sang Joe South’s famous words ‘Walk a Mile in My…

    Anthony Scott

The medical workforce: in the wrong place, in the wrong specialties?

A sharp increase in the number of medical practitioners is occurring in Australia because…

    Dr Michael Gannon

GPs – The drivers of patient-centred health care

Australia has a very good health system, the envy of many in the world….

    James Buchan and Ibadat Dhillon

Health Workforce: WHO’s Global strategy to meet a global challenge

This year, all member states at the World Health Assembly, including Australia, approved the…

    Dr Catherine Yelland

Ageing, chronic illness make need for integrated care vital

We should be proud of our health system. Across Australia, a capable and committed…

    Lee Thomas

Person-centred care – rhetoric or reality?

One of the most important changes occurring in Australian health care today is a…

    Helen Parker

New Zealand Health Care Home: building new foundations

Smelling the burning platform Over the last few years our network of 90 practices…

    Helen Gilburt

Considering workforce requirements to deliver integrated care

In the United Kingdom a narrative of integrated care has been developing for a…

    Martin Fletcher

What’s changed with health practitioner regulation in Australia: ‘safer in the knowledge’

Australia’s national system for regulation of health practitioners is unique internationally. In part this…

    Dr Lance Emerson

Maximising pharmacists’ roles boosts consumer health outcomes

Many people don’t realise that pharmacists are amongst the largest and most accessible group…

    Ross Maxwell

Workforce: More than a numbers game

You can’t have healthy communities without a skilled health workforce. So what is the…

    Meredith Burn and Philipp Herrmann

Workforce needs pose an allied question

It’s clear that Australia needs an efficient health system with the right health workforce…

    Rod Wellington

Rural health suffers as demand for allied health exceeds supply

It is usually the hip pocket that suffers when consumers are faced with limited…

    Jennifer Doggett

Health care changes as the caravan moves on

At a recent health conference I heard a nurse talk about an innovative solution…