Think socially, care personally

Bringing personalised care and social prescribing together for better health.

Think socially, care personally

Issue 25 | November 2019

In this issue of Health Voices leading health care professionals, consumers and researchers examine what personalised care really means for patients navigating the health system in Australia.

    Leanne Wells

Think socially, care personally

This edition of Health Voices brings together two concepts:  personalised care and social prescribing….

    James Sanderson

Implementing Universal Personalised Care

In the UK as in Australia, the developments in healthcare and public health initiatives…

    Dr Kerry Macaskill-Smith

Science fiction to fact: personalised medicine with primary care-based pharmacogenomics

A couple of years ago I would have said that personalised medicine sounds like…

    Donna Ah Chee

The benefits and limits of personalised health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The conventional health system, continuing poverty and growing inequality in Australia continue to fail…

    Linda Beaver

Personalising health care: a health consumer perspective

Should we, members of the public, be involved in developing personalised healthcare? It seems…

    Tim Usherwood

The future of personalised primary health care

It’s October 2029 and time for Alice’s quarterly check-up with her general practice. Often…

    Anna Peeters

Precision public health needs precise safeguards

Precision public health is a new buzzword. But what is it and what does…

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

A learning health system: benefits for all

Jacob, a ten-year-old boy, is often in trouble at school. He finds it difficult…

    Brad Butt

Lifting the focus on Men’s Health: personalised health care delivered by the Community Pharmacist

Community pharmacy in Australia has long been regarded as a fundamental pillar of healthcare…

    Jeremy Kennet

A prescription for life

A new ‘social prescribing’ program is providing personalised solutions to the growing problem of…

    Christine Morgan

Connecting with you: Understanding personal perspectives of mental health care in Australia

Over the past few months I have been visiting communities across Australia and have…

    Debra Kay

Five goals for a healthy future

The future for health care in Australia is exciting. New knowledge; refined and targeted…

    Dr Harry Nespolon

Social prescribing is on the rise in Australia

The appetite for social prescribing is growing. Just look at the recent events hosted…

    Dr Gabrielle O'Kane

Is the call for ‘patient-centred care’ just another fad, or can it be truly embedded in practice?

When I commenced lecturing in Nutrition and Dietetics at Charles Sturt University in 2001,…

    Jason Kevin Groves

My Experience with the Australian mental health system

I have been lucky in many respects because my experience with the mental health…

    Karen Booth

Unleashing nurse capacity for patient-centred healthcare

APNA has long championed the advantages of keeping people well and out of hospital,…

    Charlotte Hespe

Personalised care in the view of a ‘specialist generalist’

Personalised care – what does this actually mean – both to me as a…

    Susan Benson

What can we learn from LabTestsOnlineAU about Australians’ Use of Online Health Education Resources?

What can we learn from LabTestsOnlineAU about Australians’ use of online health education resources?…