Youth Health Summit – voices for the future

    Leanne Wells

Youth Health Summit – voices for the future

Concerns about health and climate generated young leaders’ calls at this inaugural conference for…

    Consumers Health Forum

Youth Health Forum – call to action

Young leaders have released a Call to Action to promote a much stronger role…

    Luke Catania

What makes a youth health Summit?

Luke Catania, the National Coordinator of the Youth Health Forum, talks about the Summit…

    Milly Burgess

What I’ve learned about climate anxiety

I’ve always been concerned about the environment and what humans were doing to it….

    David Titeu

The time is now: what do our young people need?

The health of Australia’s young people is crucial to the ongoing prosperity and connectedness…

    Neil Pharaoh

Can Young People shift the dial in politics?

Time and time again we hear the stereotypes around young people and their lack…

    Franklin Hooper

The future of mental health services: what is it without youth voices?

When first asked to write this article I asked myself “why did they choose…

    Betty Nguyen, Anhaar Kareem and Dominique R

What does the WH&Y Commission have to say about health, wellbeing and research?

Young people are often left out of the health research process. But so many…

    Sandro Demaio and Kevin Kapeke

Centring young people in pandemic recovery efforts

Young people have been hit hard by the pandemic, and so the Youth Health…

    Alina Biju

Making mental healthcare accessible for young people in the Northern Territory

I am passionate about improving health outcomes for young people in rural, remote, and…

    Georgia Gardner and Kelly Ann (KA) McKercher

But is it co-design? And if it is, so what?

This article follows the Youth Health Forum National Summit. A virtual conference on youth…

    Pat McGorry

Addressing the ‘missing middle’: the next challenge in youth mental health care

It’s now well established that adolescence and young adulthood corresponds with the period of…

    Gemma Wood and Katie Acheson

Exploring health and wellbeing in the Australian Youth Development Index 2020

In 2019, 13 percent of the Australian population were aged 15-24 years. This period…