Medical Devices

The spectacular advances in medical devices and biotechnology are exposing an ever-expanding world of benefits and risks for consumers.

Medical Devices – Tragedy and Triumph

Issue 21 | November 2017

In this edition of Health Voices, our contributors explore the pitfalls and potential and the regulatory challenges they pose.

    Leanne Wells

Medical devices – tragedy and triumph

Pelvic mesh and 3D printing – you could hardly think of two more diverse…

    Danny Vadasz

Trans vaginal mesh injuries – is anyone accountable?

The medical catastrophe associated with Trans Vaginal Mesh implants is a cautionary tale about…

    John Skerritt

Medical device regulation – a challenging and changing area

Today’s rapidly evolving healthcare system, along with the expectations by patients and clinicians of…

    Jason Chuen

3D Printing in Medicine – A Transformative Technology

Despite its reputation as an inherently conservative discipline, medicine has always advanced through embracing…

    Susan Dodds and Gordon Wallace

Transforming advances raise great benefits and risks

Unprecedented advances in biomaterials, cell biology, 3D printing and medical imaging have attracted the…

    Wendy Bonython and Bruce Baer Arnold

The past keeps happening. We need to do something about it

Recent weeks have again demonstrated problems with Australia’s regulation of medical devices. Those problems…

    Henry Ko

Consumers in the evolving flux of the Australian medical devices ecosystem

With the ongoing investigations here and overseas into the problems with polypropylene pelvic mesh…

    Sally Wortley and Samara Lewis

Taking a wise approach to the use of emerging medical devices

Implantable medical devices have been the subject of three Senate Inquiries in less than…

    Ian Burgess

How medical devices play a central role in health care

Global advances in medical technology over the past 20 years have resulted in a…

    Wendy Lipworth and Tamra Lysaght

Advocating for access to health technologies without compromising patient safety

Biomedical innovation is a major societal priority, and public and private funders invest heavily…

    Scott Davis

A new dimension in dentistry

For more than 20 years dentists and dental laboratories have been using Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided…

    Lorraine Chiroiu

Public-private compact plays key role in access to healthcare

To hear industry criticised in the healthcare context for having a commercial orientation, appears…

    Mary Jean Walker

Ethics and advanced medical devices: Do we need a new approach?

Along with their potential to greatly benefit health, biotechnological advances surrounding medical devices may…