The Healthy Trio: Safety, Quality and Literacy

The Healthy Trio: Safety, Quality & Literacy

Issue 24 | May 2019

A noteworthy feature of this edition of Health Voices is how our headline trio are so often intertwined in health outcomes. Safety, quality and literacy perform together like a trio of musicians. As the authors describe, there are increasing examples of reciprocal benefits.

    Leanne Wells

The healthy trio: Safety, Quality and Literacy

A noteworthy feature of this edition of Health Voices is how our headline trio…

    Debora Picone

Protecting all consumers starts with some of the most disadvantaged

Australia is recognised internationally as having one of the safest health systems in the…

    Tony Lawson

Consumer representative involvement in health service organisation accreditation

In recent years consumer representation has flowered in various areas of health care, including…

    Leanne Kelly

2018 Health Literacy Survey – Do Australian consumers have a healthy understanding?

With the Australian health system becoming increasingly complex, the need for ‘health literate’ consumers…

    Dr Evan Ackermann

Complexity of primary care warrants new approaches to patient safety

We must heed the lessons of failure. You could not have missed it; Australia…

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

Shifting our focus to achieve better care

Samantha[1] was admitted to hospital recently. She had abdominal pain, anxiety, and a rash,…

    Dr Jean-Frédéric Levesque

Balancing imperatives in healthcare

Can we reduce unwarranted clinical variation, be evidence based, and patient-centred at the same…

    Carol Bennett

Pain treatment and safe patient-centred care

Rising dependence, accidental overdose, hospitalisations and  death among opiod users is presenting Australia with…

    Jack Nunn

Reducing health inequalities by involving indigenous people in genomics research

Personalised medicine offers a new way to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of…

    David Bunker and Michelle King

How digital records can transform life for a child with profound health needs

Caring for a child with severe and profound disabilities is complicated, emotionally draining, and…

    Louise McKinlay

Avoid harm – listen to consumers

Safety, quality and health literacy bring together three vital strands of consumer-centered health care….

    Dr Danielle Muscat, Professor Kirsten McCaffery and Professor Don Nutbeam

‘No Decision About Me, Without Me’: Transforming vision into reality through health literacy

In 2012, the National Health Service in the UK published a report titled ‘No…

    Lynda Condon

Value of insights from ‘the inconvenient guest’

An increasing challenge in the modern health care system is the dilemma of balancing…

    Dr Kristal Coe

Patient Care Navigation: ‘better health outcomes … that’s what all this was about’

Chronic conditions account for 87 per cent of deaths in Australia and one in…

    Wendy Bowker

Local health literacy solutions, applied nationally

Australia has one of the best health systems in the world, however significant proportions…

    Tim Benson

The role of ethics in health care

There are many ways in which one can view safety and quality in consumer-centred…

    Dr Alice Lam

How to get the best out of your GP

Statistics show Australians attend their GP on average six times a year. It is…