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Christine Walker PhD, CEO of the Chronic Illness Alliance Australia, is a social researcher specialising in health policy and services for people with chronic illnesses. She is a qualitative researcher using grounded theory approaches to analyse consumer perspectives and working with consumers to develop policies and services to prevent chronic diseases and to assist the design of more targeted services. Christine has published the results in national and international journals. She has co-edited three books on chronic illness and epilepsy, presenting the most recent thinking about approaches to the care of people with chronic illnesses in Australia. In April 2007 Christine received an award from the University of New South Wales Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity for her contribution to chronic disease care. She is working with Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria on a longitudinal survey into the social impact of epilepsy in Australia and with the Centre for Stem Cell Systems to build a consumer advocacy base and assist consumers to make informed decisions on stem cell therapies.