Posts byWendy Lipworth and Tamra Lysaght

Wendy Lipworth

Wendy Lipworth is Senior Research Fellow, Sydney Health Ethics, University of Sydney. She is a medically trained bioethicist and health social scientist. Her research focuses on the ethics and politics of health technology innovation: how new medicines and other health technologies are developed, tested, regulated, funded and used in practice. Her work is motivated by the fact that health technology innovation is highly political and involves many different stakeholder groups, each of which has its own interests, which can compete and conflict.

Tamra Lysaght

Tamra Lysaght is Assistant Professor, Centre for Biomedical Ethics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. Her research interests include the sociopolitical, ethical and regulatory issues surrounding stem cell innovation, regenerative medicines, precision medicine, genomics and reproductive technologies. She has worked on policy issues with the Committee for Ethics, Law and Society of the Human Genome Organisation, the Technical Working Group on Ethics at the World Health Organization, the Singapore Ministry of Health and Bioethics Advisory Committee.